Speak UP – Our Benefits Under Attack

There have been several employees that have given up a high paying job to work in an environment that most do not want to ever see.  Those that choose to work at a prison give up a certain freedom that is difficult to explain.  As years go by, those individuals form a certain paranoia and skepticism that is unique for most prison employees.  It is hard to exactly explain this metamorphosis, but those who work behind the walls and fences understand.

We are Law Enforcement Officers, even though most consider us the step child of law enforcement.  We give up our freedom for a promise of a better future and job stability.  Unfortunately, those ideals are under attack from our government.

We were promised benefits and our future was created around those promises.  It is time not to sit back and watch what might become of our benefits.  It is time to stand up and speak up!

Call or write your representatives State Senators and Representatives Contact Information.  Ask your representative – If the 2018 Federal Budget proposes any cuts to the Senators or House Representative’s benefits? (Most will tell you they have no idea)  Express to them you have planned your future around what had been promised and you have made sacrifices to obtain those promises.  Tell them to vote “NO” to cut federal employee benefits.

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