AFGE Local 1612

Union Meetings
2nd Monday of each month (notification via internal email for holidays, etc.)

4:30 pm, Staff House 6, ext. 1644
Refreshments and drinks are provided.


Dues will increase to $16.00 per pay period starting 1/1/2016.

Dues Increase

**Bargaining unit staff that has been denied light duty needs to notify Karrie Eright by email


Get your copy of the draft (now final) Master Agreement here - see May, 2014, Newsletter for details (617kb pdf)

Welcome All

Be prepared to take an active role in what
affects you.  We're ready to count your vote.

Come to Meetings

We will discuss and vote on such things as training, travel,
grievance filing, arbitrations and administrative expenditures.


We'll review financial reports, policy changes,
procedures and position changes. Please feel free
to bring your issues, concerns and questions to  the
meeting and discuss them with other members and
the Executive Board!