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AFGE Member -

Correctional workers keep our prisons secured. But our correctional workers have nowhere to keep
their weapons secure when they arrive at work - and that's a problem.

Currently, federal correctional officers are extended the same enhanced ability to carry personal
firearms as police and other law enforcement officers while off-duty. However, unlike other law
enforcement officers, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) prohibits correctional officers from carrying
firearms while commuting to-and-from work and into the prison building. Over the years, BOP have
had staff assaulted and/or murdered while commuting to and from work. In Chicago, several staff
were mobbed while walking to parking garage by thugs, after leaving work. Another staff was gunned
down in his front yard after working in Dublin, CA. In Puerto Rico, a Lieutenant was also gunned
down on the way home from work. It is believed he was murdered as a result of his work at the

Our correctional officers and workers should be allowed to carry their weapons to and from work to
keep themselves safe. While at work, they should have a safe place to keep their weapons. This is
why AFGE supports legislation introduced by Senators Toomey and Manchin, which would allow
officers to carry their firearm and store it in either a central secure storage area located outside of the
secure perimeter of a prison or in a Bureau of Prison approved vehicle lockbox while an officer is on duty.

We need your help to gather more support - write to your member of congress and encourage
them to cosponsor Toomey & Manchin's BOP Lock Box legislation.

Providing correctional officers a safe place to store their weapon is a crucial safety measure Every
day, these men and women work in a dangerous environment to keep the rest of us safe. It is
common sense to allow them to carry firearms with them on their daily commute which keeps them safe.

In solidarity,

J. David Cox, Sr.
President, AFGE